Breaking the Silos

About the Initiative

Breaking the Silos is all about breaking siloed thinking and approaches within Belgian organisations, and improving collaboration by:

  • enlightening companies to choose sustainable solutions for problems over short-term fixes
  • inspiring companies to embrace change in their market and in society as a whole
  • building a safe and inclusive work environment for all people involved
  • showcasing the advantages and success stories of breaking siloed thinking.

We build a community of like-minded organisations, leaders and people that want to make sustainable change happen. Our mini-conferences feature inspirational keynotes or panel discussions and are organised all around Belgium.

Join us to learn how to make change happen in your company or teams and to meet people sharing the same values.

Supported by leading Belgian companies

Our events feature speakers and panellists from a wide range of companies, including Esko, BUFFL, Clusity, imec, UPOP, iText, Bluesquare, and StriveCloud.

So far, we were hosted by the following welcoming companies: Teamleader, OTA Insight, Cronos (iLean & Spoor 18), and Studio Dott.

We are frequently on the lookout for more speakers and hosts. Get in touch with an organiser over LinkedIn or talk to us at an event if you want to speak at or host an event.

Suggestions & ideas

Do you want to propose an interesting topic in the scope of “breaking silos in business”? Did you come up with an idea to improve our initiative, community or events? Do you want to sponsor a next Breaking the Silos event?

Get in touch with an organiser over LinkedIn, or join the Discord server to share. Thanks!

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